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Your Privacy and how we handle your details

Your privacy is important to us here at the Christensen Flower Auction. We follow the guidelines set out below to assist in protecting your privacy.

General Information

  • We use your information that you have provided on your customer or supplier registration form. We store your contact details & all invoice information on our local servers. We enter your information into 3 computer systems.
    1) AIM: Is our day to day auction software where our staff can access all of your contact details, see your preferred payment method (but not account details), your address and delivery preferences, your dollar spend amounts etc.
    2) INFUSIONSOFT: We use Infusionsoft as our sales and marketing software. We import all of your details into Infusionsoft which is housed on their servers in America.
    3) WESTPAC: If you have provided us with a direct debit authority our Chief Financial Officer will enter these details into our Westpac bank account which is protected by the banks Iron Key security.
  • Your completed registration form is kept in accordance with PAMD laws in our locked office.
  • If you have entered your credit card details as a payment method via our website OR you elect to pay an invoice using the free call number on our invoices you have entered or will enter your payment information into the payment gateway providers system. EWAY is our payment gateway provider operating here in Australia.
  • We do not see or keep a record of your credit card details.
  • If you provide a credit card number over the telephone to any of our staff for a one of payment, we will not digitally record this information anywhere. We will only use this to complete the current transaction for which is was meant by you and we will then secure dispose of the hand written note via our secure document provider, Shred X.
  • We will not share your information with mail houses, marketing companies etc. We will only share your contact details should we deem it beneficial to your business on your behalf.
  • All data relating to statistical gathering will not divulge any personal or business identities of any parties using this system.
  • All information stored by the Christensen Flower Auction is stored on behalf of the Auction Houses that utilise our services and they have agreed to and are required to abide by this privacy statement.
  • Under no circumstances is any information passed from one auction house to another without your specific permission.
  • Auction houses are only able to access data stored specifically to their clients and the Auction houses’s own trading information.
  • We communicate via email using GMAIL, social media using TWITTER, FACEBOOK, PINTREST and LINKEDIN. If you interact with us on these platforms you acknowledge that any information provided in such communications are handled, facilitated and accessible by those third parties.

Third Party access to your information

  • We engage a private contractors as part of our Team to work with us. One contractor is our ICT Manager who works with our database and the information contained within it. This contractor exclusively works for Australian Auction Group Pty Ltd and has signed a non disclosure agreement.
  • We have private contractors providing Personal Auction Assistant services on behalf of buyers. These PAA’s have access to our AIM system which houses your contact information and your invoicing data.
  • In the course of our marketing activities using Infusionsoft, our banking process involving Westpac and Eway your details will be used for those purposes and be accessible by those third parties.

Credit Card Transactions

  • Under no circumstances are credit card details of any type or form stored by Christensen Flower Auction on any of its data storage facilities.
  • You have the ability to link a credit card to your customer account. Whilst you access the customer area by logging into the website, using your buyer number and password, after you click on the payment details tab, you are taken to a secure page to fill out your payment details. This page is configured to only communicate this information to the payment gateway provider EWAY. Once you have filled in this information and it has been processed by EWAY, EWAY sends back to us a token number. This is how the linkage between your credit card details and our system is done. All that we see in our system is a token number.
  • If you manually phone through or physically present your credit card to us we will have a receipt transaction copy that will be stapled to your invoice for our records in line with the PAMD act.

Photos, Videos, Testimonials etc

  • Any media & communication that you forward to us you authorize us to store and use in our day to day business. You realize that this may involve third party platforms such as GMAIL, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, PINTEREST as well as our servers and known third parties as outlined above in the general section.

Rights to View and/or Remove Information

  • You have the right to view any information stored by FlowerAuction or any of the Auction Houses.
  • You have the right to alter any personal information stored by Christensen Flower Auction or any of the Auction Houses.
  • You have the right to ask for any information that is stored by an Auction house to be removed in part or in whole from all systems relating to that Auction House EXCEPT for those records that must be retained for Audit and accounting purposes.

Access Log & Website Log in access

  • Every access to the Christensen Flower Auction web site IS logged and these logs are regularly reviewed and any illegal access will be reported immediately to the relevant authorities.
  • Your contact details and invoice information such as spending history etc is available in our log in section of our website You will have access to this using your customer or supplier number as well as your auction account password.
  • All transactions occurring through online auctions are logged and must be kept as part of proof of transaction whether such transaction was completed or not. These records are NOT available to third parties unless required by law.
  • You may view all of your successful transactions at any time by logging in.

Privacy Officer for our Company

  • Our CEO, Nick Christensen is responsible for the Privacy Policy and Principles undertaken here at Christensen Flower Auction. You can contact Nick by any of the published methods on our website