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Watch this video first, and then read on for more information. You can register your interest at the bottom of the page.

We run a Clock Auction

A clock auction (Dutch auction) is a type of auction in which the auctioneer begins with a high starting price which is lowered until a participant is willing to accept the auctioneer’s price, or a predetermined reserve price is reached.

Online Auction

The Flower Auction is 100% online. Participants can connect to the live auctions using our free Remote Bidder software on a Windows based PC.

4 auctions per week

We run 4 auctions per week; Sunday at 6PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7PM. During the peak periods, we may also run addition auctions to those days listed above.

We are a growers agent

We are a growers agent, and act in the interest of our suppliers. As a result, unlike a wholesaler, we do not buy your product and add a price mark-up. Instead suppliers consign their product to us, we sell it on auction, and receive a commission from the price that was achieved on auction.

No Credit Accounts

Being an auction, we are regulated by the Motor Dealers & Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014. As a result we must operate a Trust Account for the suppliers in which we are appointed as an agent. What this means for you as a supplier is that when your products are sold, the total invoice amount is received into the trust account the same day. The establishment of the Flower Auction has significantly changed the industry standard 6o to 90 day payment terms to weekly payments for the benefit of our suppliers.

Sales Information

Real time information on the trading of your products is available at www.flowerauction.com.au using your Supplier Auction Number (UserID) and password. You may also watch your product sell live on auction by connecting using our free Remote Bidder software.

Normal Scenario
1. Let's say you sell direct to 10 customers
2. You make 10 phone calls to get your customers' orders and they decide what you need to send them
3. You pick and pack 10 orders
4. You write out 10 invoices
5. You label 10 orders with different delivery details
6. You may have to co-ordinate two or three transport pick-ups or drop-offs
7. You would have credit terms, normally 30 days, paid by the 45th day
8. You would normally have 15% of your customers pay their invoices late
9. It costs you approx. 20-23% in overheads and expenses to do all of the above
10. Overdraft rates on outstanding money cost you approx. 13% per annum
CFA Auction Process
1. The auction sells direct to over 400 customers on your behalf
2. You monitor the auction's supply levels (via the www.flowerauction.com.au website) and you decide what to send to the auction
3. You enter your docket online
4. You send shipments to the auction as frequently as you wish and to one delivery address
5. The auction invoices the customers, gets payment on the day of sales and banks your money into a trust account
6. The auction banks the proceeds of your sales directly into your nominated bank account every week (on Wednesday following the sale)
7. The auction emails you one remittance for the week's sales (to process into your accounting software and records)
8. No more chasing people for orders and payments
9. No more bad debts

We run a 3 grade system to guide our customers

  • A grade of ONE indicates the product is the best in the market
  • A grade of TWO indicates the product is suitable for general floristry use
  • A grade of THREE indicates there is a problem with the product but it is still in saleable condition



MONDAY - Receiving only NO AUCTION8AM - 2PM
FRIDAY - Receiving only NO AUCTION8AM - 2PM

Products received after these times may be put on auction the following auction day. If you can’t make these times, other arrangements can be made by contacting CFA.

AIRFREIGHT: We pick up everyday except Saturday. When you lodge your online docket, you will nominate a pick up day, which gets emailed to our courier.

Our Remote Bidder software allows customers to login and place bids on your products. You are able to log in using your Supplier Auction Number (UserID) and password, and watch your products sell on the auction in real time.

PC (Windows Only)

Remote Bidder software available on PC (Windows Only)
Not compatible with Mac
Free download
Download our Remote Bidder software for free
True market prices
The auction gives a true view of where the market is and what price they are willing to purchase at
Live auctions 4 nights a week
Sunday 6PM, Tuesday-Thursday 7PM

The “Buy Wholesale Now!” (BWN) platform is an online ordering platform, which is available from 10AM until 1 hour before the next live auction. BWN gives you the opportunity to sell your products during the day, even if there is no auction that night.

PC (Windows & Mac Compatible)

Tablet Devices

Smart Devices

Your products available for sale everyday
BWN opens from 10AM until 1hr before the next live auction
Flowers and plants priced at average auction prices
Pre-auction products available on BWN are priced at auction start prices
New pre-auction products available on BWN
50% of new product is allocated to BWN, with the remaining 50% allocated to the live auction
Lodge your online dockets for Sunday shipments by Friday to give you an extra 2 days to sell your products on BWN!

Our Drop in & Shop facility gives you product even more exposure to customers who would not normally purchase through auction or online. We are open every weekday from 6AM – 10AM for customers to come down and walk through our cool room and purchase directly from our premises.

6AM - 10AM

Great opportunity to be able to showcase your products to potential customers
Greater exposure to those customers who prefer not to buy on auction or online
Brand recognition and word of mouth advertising

If you’re involved in the flower trade in any way then you can sell at the auction once you have spoken to and been approved by our Supplier Liaison, and have completed and submitted the relevant registration forms. Growers, importers, wholesalers and harvesters are all welcome.

The only requirements you must adhere to are:
– You must have a bank account
– Be registered for GST (or supply to us the necessary exemption forms)
– Hold all of the relevant licenses required by state and federal governments
– Have an email account you can check at least once a week

Being the only flower auction in Australia has confused the Queensland State Government on how to regulate and govern our operations. They have decided that as we operate a Trust Account, we should be classed as similar to a motor dealer or chattel auction. This is why to register as a supplier at the auction, you will need to complete the relevant registration forms, including the Motor Dealers and Chattel Auctioneers Form 9 and associated annexes.

We must receive your completed registration forms before you can start supplying the auction. CFA reserves the right to accept or reject any registration applications for any reason. Upon acceptance, confirmation will be sent with details of your CFA supplier number.

Sunday – 6PM
Tuesday – 7PM
Wednesday – 7PM
Thursday – 7PM
Saturday – NO AUCTION

If it’s a public holiday MONDAY, we will auction at 6PM on the public holiday Monday (NO SUNDAY AUCTION)
If it’s a public holiday ANY OTHER DAY, please refer to our website for up-to-date trading and auction times.

All sales made via auction between Sunday and Friday, will be paid by direct deposits into your nominated bank account. Payments are made on the Wednesday following the week the products are sold.

There is a 12% plus GST commission and an 8% plus GST service fee deducted from all sales. A $25 Auction Participation Fee charged at each payment remittance. Any extra duties undertaken by CFA outside of normal operation procedures (e.g. cutting and bucketing, extra handling, docket entry etc.) will be charged to the supplier. All freight and packaging are at your own expense. Any loss, damage or delays incurred while in transit are at your own risk.

The auction clock displays the price EXCLUDING GST. GST is then calculated on the total invoiced value of all GST-Applicable products and added as a separate item. The amount of GST collected from the purchaser and their payments are deposited into a CFA Trust Account. You receive the sale amount and the collected GST in your weekly payment.

GST is handled in the same way that you do it on your invoices. The only difference being that because we collect it on your behalf we must then pass it on to you so you can do your normal BAS.

It will be to your advantage to keep your flowers in the same variety and colour groups. You may find some varieties and colours will obtain better prices on auction some days than others. If you are unsure of how to bunch your flowers, please contact us for assistance.

Your products are presented to buyers the way you deliver them to the auction so correct bunching methods and great presentation of your products will ensure they get the best possible prices.

As a guide, as yourself “what would a normal flower buyer call this colour?”. In general, it is best to label your colours using generally accepted and known colours.

Information on the trading of your products is available at www.flowerauction.com.au (using your Supplier Auction Number (UserID) and password).

All consigned products are auctioned a minimum of two times. If your products are not sold after the second auction, on or more of the following may happen:

1. We may re-offer them for sale
2. The auctioneer may try to sell them after the auction for the best price possible
3. They may be returned to you at your own expense providing you have pre-arranged this with us (a handling fee may apply)
4. They may be destroyed (destruction and handling fees may apply)

Are you ready to join Australia’s largest online flower market? Let’s get started!