Standard FREE BUYER Service

Let us do your flower buying for you!

Are you short on time, and can’t make the auction? Take advantage of our Standard FREE BUYER Service, and let us do your flower buying for you!

What is Standard FREE BUYER Service?

Our Standard Free Buyer Service gives you access to live auction pricing, even if you  don’t have the time to connect to the online auctions in the evening. Our flower buyer will take your order and bid on products on the auction on your behalf to your specifications, to ensure you get what you want, at the price you’re happy to pay.

What Are The Benefits?

Our Standard Free Buyer Service is a FREE service provided by the Flower Auction in response to direct feedback from our customers. We understand that a lot of our customers love and appreciate the wide variety of flowers and plants on auction and enjoy the great auction pricing, but are limited on time.

Our FREE Flower Buyer is dedicated to saving you time, while still getting great auction pricing for all your flowers and plants.

How Does It Work?

Simply email, fax or phone in your orders and our Free Flower Buyer will confirm your order with you, and will fulfil your order according to your exact order specifications.

Order cut-off is 5PM every auction day.

Standard Free Buyer Service
  • Unlimited Buys
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Product Substitution
  • Auction Pricing
Let us make your job easier!
Unlimited Buys
You are not limited to how often you may put in an order. Order cut-off 5PM every auction day.
Order Fulfilment
Our flower buyer will purchase according to your exact order specifications
Product Substitution
Product substitution can be performed only at your request. We will let you know should your required product not be available
Auction Pricing
Access to live auction pricing, based on supply and demand. A true market price.