Self Service

A simple no fuss solution to buying your flowers

Do you prefer to have full control of your flower buying? Our Self Service options have you covered.

Login & Buy Live

Buying live on auction is the best option if you want total control over your purchasing. We provide you with our FREE Remote Bidder software, so you can use your computer (Windows OS only) to take part in our live online auctions 4 nights a week.

Buying on auction means always buying at the BEST market prices on the day, determined by the forces of supply & demand. If you are unsuccessful in purchasing during a live auction, you have the opportunity to go back and purchase items that you have missed at the average prices that were achieved.

Auction times are: Sunday 6PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7PM.

Buy Wholesale Now!

If you prefer set prices for quick and easy buying decisions, our Buy Wholesale Now! online buying facility is your simple no fuss solution to flower buying. Buy Wholesale Now! is an online ordering facility that allows you to buy your flowers, plants and floral sundries online, and have them delivered to you the very next day. If you require the flowers the same day, you also have the option of a 2 or 4 hour express delivery if you are within our local delivery zones.

Products available on Buy Wholesale Now! are priced at the average auction prices achieved, or if they are new pre-auction products, they will be priced at the auction starting prices.

Ordering is available: From 10AM until 1 hour before the next scheduled auction.

Drop in & Shop

If you’re the type of person who enjoys browsing around and seeing products in person, then Drop in & Shop is perfect for you! A real feast of the senses. If you are local, you are welcome to come by and view our range of flowers, plants and floral sundries and purchase straight from our warehouse.

We are open for Drop in & Shop weekdays from 6AM to 10AM.