Platinum Service by Christensen's Flower Auction

Flower Buying Made Easy

Buying flowers can be an incredibly time consuming process. Find out why more & more florists are choosing to use a Professional Flower Buyer.

Meet Leanne:

“Flowers are my passion, and with 28 years of expertise in the flower industry including owning my own shop, I understand the challenges of your business”

Leanne Grant

Hi, I’m Leanne Grant, Platinum Flower Buyer at Christensen’s Flower Auction. Prior to joining the Christensen’s team in 2011, I owned and operated a retail Florist shop for many years, so I understand the business challenges that you face every day.

In my time as a Florist, I found that one of the biggest challenges was the sourcing of fresh flowers. I know how important it is to get the right coloured roses for that Wedding bouquet, or a specific type of flower for that last minute Funeral order or simply just a special customer’s favourite flower – and all at an affordable price point.

As a Platinum Flower Buyer, it is my job to take the stress out of sourcing flowers for your business and to provide you with solutions for any of the everyday flower challenges that may arise.

What Is Platinum Service?

Platinum Service is a comprehensive flower buying solution, that gives you access to a professional flower buyer for everything from everyday flower orders, to weddings and special events. As a Platinum Customer, you also receive daily supply and market updates, exclusive Platinum Only product specials, along with personalised one-on-one service.

What Are The Benefits?

As a Platinum Flower Buyer, I spend a lot of time dealing directly with the Auctioneer at Christensen’s Flower Auction, and get to inspect new product as it arrives from the growers, to ensure you only receive the freshest quality product that are up to my high standards. You’ll also be the first to know when something NEW, EXCITING or DIFFERENT arrives.

Because I also purchase for other customers, you stand to benefit from my buying power, as I am able to purchase bulk quantities on auction at the best prices, and facilitate special deals with the auctioneer on products. The end result is that you get the best prices without necessarily having to purchase in bulk quantities.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! All you need to do is send me your order, and I will do the rest. I will confirm your order with you, and source for you the highest quality flowers at the best prices. Where certain products are unavailable, I am able to offer suitable product substitutes and advice.

As your Platinum Flower Buyer, I am your single point of contact during all working hours for all of your ordering, feedback, product recommendations and advice (or even simply for a chat).

Platinum Service
  • Unlimited Buys
  • Customised Orders
  • Product Substitution & Recommendations
  • Exclusive Auction Specials
  • Weddings & Special Events
  • Special Floral Sundry Orders
  • Tax Deductible Service
per week OR $399.00/month billed on the 1st day of the month. Cancellation policy: 30 days notice
Unlimited Buys
You are not limited to when or how often you may put in an order
Customised Orders
Itemise your order, or you may simply give me a budget to follow
Product Substitution & Recommendations
If a product is unavailable or not to my high standards, I can recommend and substitute for other similar and suitable products
Exclusive Auction Specials
You'll benefit from access to the best auction prices and exclusive auction specials
Weddings & Special Events
Need specific flowers for weddings or special events? Simply let me know and I will organise and pre-order the flowers that you need
Special Floral Sundry Orders
Need a particular Floral Sundry item that isn't in stock? I can source it for you
Tax Deductible Service
Platinum Service is completely tax deductible