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Watch this video first, and then read on for more information. Once you are ready, you can proceed to registration at the bottom of the page.

We run a Clock Auction

A clock auction (Dutch auction) is a type of auction in which the auctioneer begins with a high starting price which is lowered until a participant is willing to accept the auctioneer’s price, or a predetermined reserve price is reached.

Online Auction

The Flower Auction is 100% online. Customers can connect to the live auctions using our free Remote Bidder software on a Windows based PC.

4 auctions per week

We run 4 auctions per week; Sunday 6PM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7PM with deliveries scheduled for the following day.

We are a growers agent

We are a growers agent, which means that we do not own most of the products that we sell. Therefore we do not place a price mark-up on products like a normal wholesaler. Instead we receive a commission from the grower and we charge a service fee to our customers.

No Credit Accounts

Being an auction, we are regulated by the Motor Dealers & Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014. As a result we must operate a Trust Account for the suppliers in which we are appointed as an agent. What this means for you as a customer is that when your purchases are invoiced, the total invoice amount must be received into the trust account the same day. Therefore we cannot offer any credit accounts nor 7/14/30/90 day payment terms.

Acceptable Payment Methods

Payments are made via a pre-linked credit card via our payment gateway provider Eway, or Direct Debit Authorisation. We do not accept physical cash currency. Invoices are processed the morning after each auction event, and are automatically emailed or faxed out.

Our Platinum Flower Buyer Leanne Grant is your single point of contact during working hours for all of your ordering, feedback product recommendations and advice (or even simply for a chat). Contact Leanne and place your orders via Phone, Fax, SMS or Email.





Unlimited Buys
You are not limited to when or how often you may put in an order
Customised Orders
Itemise your order, or simply give Leanne a budget to follow
Product Substitutions & Recommendations
If a product is unavailable or not to Leanne's high standards, she can recommend and/or substitute for similar products on your behalf
Exclusive Auction Specials
Access to exclusive auction specials and the best prices
Weddings & Special Events
Leanne can organise and pre-order flowers for your wedding, special and corporate events
Special Floral Sundry Orders
Need a particular Floral Sundry item that isn't in stock? Leanne can source it for you
Tax Deductible Service
Platinum Service is completely tax deductible
Platinum Service by Subscription Only
Platinum Service Monthly Subscription
Billed on the 1st day of the month. Cancellation policy: 30 days notice
$399 per month

Don’t have the time to go on the auction, but still want access to auction pricing? Simply phone, fax or email your order to us, and our dedicated flower buyers in our Clark branch office will process and fulfil your order for you.




Available Every Auction Day
This free service is available every auction day
Unlimited Buys
You are not limited to when or how often you may put in an order
Order Fulfilment
Our flower buyers will purchase according to your exact order specifications
Product Substitution
Product Substitution performed only at your request. We will let you know should your required product not be available
Auction Pricing
Access to live auction pricing
Order Cut-off
Order Cut-off is 5PM each auction day

Take full control of how you do your buying and connect to our live auctions to place bids on your flowers and plants.

PC (Windows Only)

Available on PC (Windows Only)
Not compatible with Mac
Free download
Download our Remote Bidder software for free
True market prices
Prices of flowers and plants are driven by supply and demand
Live auctions 4 nights a week
Sunday 6PM, Tuesday-Thursday 7PM

The “Buy Wholesale Now!” (BWN) platform is an online ordering platform, which is available from 10AM until 1 hour before the next live auction. BWN gives you the opportunity to buy your products during the day, even if there is no auction that night, and nominate from several delivery options including express options depending on your location.

PC (Windows & Mac Compatible)

Tablet Devices

Smart Devices

Available everyday for you to place your order
BWN opens from 10AM until 1hr before the next live auction
Order online using a PC, Tablet or Smart Device
All you need is an internet connection and a web browser
Flowers and plants priced at average auction prices
Pre-auction products available on BWN are priced at auction start prices
New pre-auction products available on BWN
50% of new product is allocated to BWN, with the remaining 50% allocated to the live auction
Multiple delivery options available
Submit your BWN order BEFORE 2PM to have access to same day EXPRESS deliveries (depending on your location)

Our Drop in & Shop facility gives you the chance to come down and walk through our cool room and view our products in person.

6AM - 10AM

View our wide range of fresh flowers, plants and floral sundries
Purchase your products directly from our cool rooms
Perfect for those who love to personally pick out their products

Scheduled Flat Fee Delivery

If you are within our local delivery area, you can enjoy Flat Fee Delivery from $29-$35 per drop (up to 10 boxes) depending on your location. The local service delivery area is an all Brisbane area, North to Sunshine Coast and Gympie, West to Toowoomba (MWF), South to Gold Coast , Northern Rivers, Ballina, Lismore, Casino, Grafton, Coffs Harbour and Kempsey. We can also deliver down to Grafton via external freight connection. Scheduled deliveries operate after every auction.

Auction Express Delivery

2 or 4hr EXPRESS deliveries are available to all online orders submitted before 2PM. Rates are available after logging in with your Customer Auction Number and password. Available weekdays.

Local Pick Up

If you are local, you can nominate to pick up your products from our warehouse. Your order will be assigned a trolley and be available for collection from our cool room. Pick up is available between the hours of 6AM – 2PM weekdays.

Air Freight to your local airport

For customers who are outside of our local delivery area, we deliver your flowers by airfreight via Qantas Freight. For current freight rates, give us a call today.

Free connection

We offer free connection from our warehouse to the Brisbane Airport or your nominated bus and truck courier depots, if it falls within our local delivery area. Free connection applies only to scheduled deliveries operating after every auction.

We run a 3 grade system to guide our customers

It will be to your advantage to get to know the different varieties of flowers and the colours, as well as the supplier. You may find that certain varieties from certain suppliers may be more suitable for you or you may simply prefer one supplier to another. If you are unsure of anything product related, please contact us for assistance.

  • A grade of ONE indicates the product is the best in the market
  • A grade of TWO indicates the product is suitable for general floristry use
  • A grade of THREE indicates there is a problem with the product but it is still in saleable condition

Every effort is made to ensure that the displayed product is a genuine indicator of the whole product on offer. However because of the nature of perishables, sometimes issues do arise. If you require a credit for a product, you may submit a Request for Product Credit or a Missing Product Claim using our mobile App within 24hrs of receiving your shipment, along with photos of each product that clearly identifies the problem.

The Auction List

The Auction List is a LIVE list of all the products currently in stock in Brisbane flower market, and the order they will appear for sale on the auction. It can be accessed after logging in using your Customer Auction Number and password.

As soon as the products arrive at our warehouse and are checked in, the product will be shown on the Auction list, waiting to be sorted into that day’s auction order. If it hasn’t yet been sorted for sale, it will have “TBA” next to the item in the “Order” column.

The Auctioneer reviews the Auction List daily, and once all the products have been received and checked in for the day, the Auctioneer will then set the auction order.

The Arrivals Board

The Arrivals Board shows you what’s due in, and when. If you would like to see what products are due in for the next auction, the Arrivals Board is available after logging in with your Customer Auction Number and password.

Once a supplier lodges their product docket with CFA, it will be shown on the Arrivals Board, until it is checked in. After which it would then be shown on the Auction List.

As long as you:
– Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
– ‘On-sell’ the products (i.e. Florist, weekend market, allied retailer, function venue etc)
If these conditions are satisfied, you are able to register as a customer with CFA.

No. We do not sell to the general public. We support our hardworking independent florists and flower retailers, and will direct any public enquiry to our customers instead.

Sunday – 6PM
Tuesday – 7PM
Wednesday – 7PM
Thursday – 7PM
Saturday – NO AUCTION

Drop in & Shop service is NOT AVAILABLE on a public holiday.
If it’s a public holiday MONDAY, we will auction at 6PM on the public holiday Monday (NO SUNDAY AUCTION)
If it’s a public holiday ANY OTHER DAY, please refer to our website for up-to-date trading and auction times.

Unlike a traditional wholesaler, CFA does not own the majority of the products offered for sale. Therefore, no margins are built into the prices of the products that you see. Instead, all customers pay a service fee on each invoice.
The current service fee rate is 10% on total invoice amount BEFORE GST is applied. An additional 4% service fee applies to Drop in & Shop purchases. All prices for flowers, plants and floral sundries are GST EXCLUSIVE.

Therefore when working out the costs of your purchase, please consider the following:
– Prices on flowers, plants and floral sundries that are quoted whether online or verbally are all GST EXCLUSIVE
– A 10% service fee will be applied to the total invoice amount BEFORE GST
– An additional 4% service fee applies to Drop in & Shop purchases
– GST is then calculated as a LAST LINE ITEM

Invoices are processed every morning after an auction, and are automatically emailed or faced to your nominated email address or fax number.
As a customer, you have 2 payment options available: Linked Credit Card or by Direct Debit Authorisation.

We process our credit cards via EWAY (a secure payment gateway using bank level online security). By utilising a payment gateway, we do not hold any of your credit card details. You securely enter your credit card details via our website directly into the EWAY servers. EWAY then sends us a token number, which we use to process your payments automatically on our end. EWAY recognises your token number we send as a payment, and then processes your card for the invoice amount on our behalf.

Direct Debit is set up via a signed authority held at our office. When your invoice is generated, the payment is then taken directly out of your nominated bank account. The Direct Debit is elected by our Chief Financial Officer via a double-layered token security system as provided by the Westpac Bank. Once the Direct Debit is completed, your invoice total for that day’s purchases are withdrawn from your account and deposited into the CFA trust account.

NOTE: A Direct Debit is different from a “Direct Deposit”. We do not accept Direct Deposits initiated by you, as a payment method. Additionally, we DO NOT accept physical cash currency, cheques, American Express or Diners Club cards.

All prices quoted for flowers, plants or floral sundries, whether online, printed or verbal are GST EXCLUSIVE. Once you have completed your purchase, GST is calculated on the total amount of all GST applicable products, services and service fee, and shown on your invoice as a separate line item.

As a general rule, all request for product credit or missing product claims must be submitted within 24hrs of receiving your shipment. You may submit a Request for Product Credit or Missing Product claim using our mobile App.

Once a request has been approved, the credit will be applied to your next invoice. As per Trust Account regulations, you CANNOT withhold payment awaiting a product credit, which means your original invoice MUST BE PAID in full to the amount shown on that invoice.

You can download our FREE mobile app from your app store. Simply search for “Christensen’s Flower Auction” in the Apple App store, or the Google Play Store.

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